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CC4 & iClone 8
CC4 & iClone 8
CC4 & iClone 8


Jun 01, 2022

Indeed it is an exciting time to be in the ever changing world of videogames, designers at Tech Amulets are producing highly detailed characters with delightful animations that mimics real humans.

In a story rich videogame, emotions play a significant role. We are now closer to reality with innovative tools as Character Creator 4 & iClone 8. It is no longer about how to convey your messages to gamers; it is about what message you wish to convey!

But the trick in delivering an immersive experience lies in teamwork; a mutual effort to connect characters creation and animation with AI programming inside of the game environment where the story is intertwined with player’s choices in an orchestra of pure art that sings: Play me!